Bearing Bush

Alka super submersible bush (bush running under water) is water lubricated and designed specially for excellent performance in submersible pumps, motor and other hydrodynamic conditions. It is specialized plain and counter thrust bearing made using patented materials and processing techniques that is internally lubricated low friction polymers.

Alka super bearing bush is patented product, It gives excellent wear in harsh, wet, dirty or unlubricated conditions. It gives continues performance in 225ºC, many advantages over traditional bearing materials such as bronze, acetal, nylons, nitriles, rubbers, elastomers, phenolic and laminates, (whether dry or lubricated).

Alka Super

The internally lubricated long life bearing material that has been proven in thousands of critical applications. Originally developed to overcome bearing problems caused by water swell of traditional non-metallic bearing materials. It is ideal for water lubricated bearings.

These bearings are ideal or dry startup conditions like initial running of pump and so on. Considering its specialty of running wet and dry, it has application in many places of pumps and alike machines.

1. Seal protecting bush for closer running clearances ensures longer life of the seal arrangement.

2. Line shaft pump bowl bush runs even dry when started and stopped. And can be lubricated with process water with dirt. Closer running clearances means less shaft run out and less vibration.

3. Suction/ Discharge Casing bearing (bush or counter thrust bearing). This also can be lubricated with process water.

4. Impeller support wear rings (neck-ring) with close running tolerances ensured high pump efficiency.

5. Wet motor bearing bushes for water/ glycol lubricated motors (submersible wet motors).

Advantages over other materials


Bronze must be lubricated to operate. Even when with water, bronze has a higher friction than alka super dry or ungreased. Internally lubricated alka super has a lower friction than bronze with water. Alka super can even run dry.


Elastomers lack dimensional stability - they absorb water and have a high thermal expansion. Larger clearances must be used resulting in more unstable shafts and a reduction of the allowable wear life. Alka super does not swell in water and has a higher load capacity than elastomers. No stress relief during machining.

Laminates & composites

Laminated materials tend to absorb water with the potential to swell and delaminate. Laminates materials can result in high shaft wear and a noisy operation. Alka super is a homogenous material with no water swell and no chance of delamination. Alka super bearings are quiet with reduced shaft wear.


Rubber bearings have high friction and exhibit stick-slip. This results in high shaft wear and shaft vibration. Rubber must be lubricated and swells in water. Alka super bearings carry a higher load than rubber and the low friction gives a low shaft wear and no stick-slip. Alka super is easily machined to accommodate variable shaft and housing sizes.


Carbon bush bearings are difficult to handle and has tendency to break during handling and transportation even after installed in the pump/ motor housings. It has low wear resistance as compared to Alka super bush bearings. Carbon bush bearing do not withstand foreign particles and hence cannot stand against abrasive water.

Improved Quality, Exceptional Efficiency